81.Type A behavior pattern characterized by all of these EXCEPT: a.impatience. b.devotion

Question : 81.Type A behavior pattern characterized by all of these EXCEPT: a.impatience. b.devotion : 1402239


81.Type A behavior pattern is characterized by all of these EXCEPT:


b.devotion to work.


d.relaxed lifestyle.

e.extreme competitiveness.

82.Which of the following is the uncertainty about what behaviors are expected of a person in a particular role?

a.Role conflict

b.Task overload

c.Nonprogrammed decisions

d.Role ambiguity

e.Task underload


Scenario - Layla Fox


Layla Fox is a creative, imaginative, artistically sensitive individual who loves to take on new opportunities. She is a successful manager who believes that she makes her own destiny through hard work and listening to people. Her personal problem solving style is intuitive-thinking.

83.Layla can best be described using which of these Big Five personality factors?


b.Openness to experience



e.Emotional stability

84.Layla appears to have a:

a.high external locus of control.

b.high Mach personality.

c.high authoritarian style.

d.high internal locus of control.

e.low extroversion characteristic.

85.A positive attitude toward one's job is called     .

86.Work behavior that goes beyond job requirements and contributes as needed to the organization's success is referred to as ______.

87.Loyalty to and heavy involvement in one's organization is called     .

88.A condition in which two attitudes or a behavior and an attitude conflict is called     .

89.A(n)      is an evaluation that predisposes a person to act in a certain way.

90.The process people use to make sense of the environment by selecting, organizing, and interpreting information from the environment is referred to as              .



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