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81.The Cooldaze Ice Company compresses carbon dioxide and cools it to a very low temperature to make dry ice. The method used by Cooldaze is an example of process manufacturing.

82.Featured Furnishings is a company that specializes in producing custom-made furniture. A continuous production process would be the most efficient way for Featured Furnishings to produce its products.

83.J & R Industries typically produces very large batches of standardized products used by plumbers, such as pipefittings and valves that must be produced in standard sizes. A continuous production process would work well for J & R.

84.Frolichstein Fabrics promotes itself as a specialty manufacturer that will produce according to customer specifications. This firm will probably be best served by using an intermittent process in production.

85.Computers and robots are only useful in continuous production processes where the same type of product is produced many times.

86.Trace and Tim own a company that rehabs old houses. Prior to buying a house, they use software to create and design the renovation of each room. The program provides them with an estimation of how much of each kind of material is needed, and the orderly progression of tasks that need to be completed. Trace and Tim use computer-aided design.

87.Seat-belts Unlimited, Inc. is located about 8 miles from two major auto assembly plants. The firm delivers seat-belts about every two hours to each of the plants. The assembly plants only accept the number of seat-belts that they will assemble into cars, during the next two hours after delivery. The auto plants embrace lean manufacturing.

88.Alice's Cookie Company makes a variety of cookies for corporate accounts and restaurants. On a good day, the orders can range from 600 - 800 cookies, with a variety of uniqueness, although the company is known for delicate shortbread and butter cookies. Some cookies have round shapes, but others are elongated rectangles, and yet others are triangles. The bakers can quickly change the cookie cutting machine to reflect the orders for the day, while computers program the ovens to make those cookies the light golden color they are known for across town. Refrigeration is also computer controlled. Alice's Cookie Company embraces flexible manufacturing and mass customization.

89.Facility location is the process of selecting a geographic location for a company's operations.

90.When considering the issue of facility location, it is important to find an isolated location so that work can get done without interruption from customers.



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