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81.Some people with schizophrenia completely withdraw into a private world, sitting for hours without moving. This condition is called:

a.disorganized behavior.

b.a catatonic stupor.

c.a bizarre behavior.

d.a hallucination.

82.Research on the prognosis for recovering from schizophrenia suggests that:

a.the outlook is not as favorable if the symptoms appeared abruptly.

b.if the onset is gradual then the prognosis is relatively good.

c.relapses lead to quicker recovery.

d.many people learn to control the symptoms and live productive lives.

83.The voice hallucinations experienced by schizophrenic individuals might be due to:

a.abnormalities in the thalamus.

b.deficiencies in the auditory cortex.

c.shrinking of ventricles.

d.abnormalities in the hippocampus.

85.Research on the genetic predisposition toward schizophrenia has indicated that:

a.the risk of schizophrenia for the unaffected twin, when an identical twin has schizophrenia, is greatly reduced if the twins have been reared apart.

b.among identical twins, when one twin develops schizophrenia the other twin has an 80 percent chance of developing schizophrenia.

c.children with two schizophrenic parents have a 27 to 46 percent lifetime risk of developing schizophrenia, compared to a risk in the general population of about 1 percent.

d.children with one schizophrenic parent have about the same risk of developing schizophrenia as do

86.Which of the following statements is true of schizophrenia with regard to prenatal problems?

a.Malnourishment of the mother does not affect the fetus.

b.Children with very low birth weight have reduced risks of schizophrenia.

c.Damage to the fetus may occur if the mother gets the flu virus during the first four months of prenatal development.

d.Maternal diabetes and emotional stress do not contribute to schizophrenia.

87.Cases of schizophrenia:

a.result from erratic, cold, rejecting mothers.

b.vary in severity, duration, and prognosis.

c.occur from living in an unpredictable environment.

d.are seldom associated with biological factors.

88.Which of the following statements is true of schizophrenia with regard to adolescence?

a.The pruning of the synapses in the brain normally reduces its efficiency.

b.The first full-blown episode of schizophrenia usually occurs during adolescence or early adulthood.

c.Adolescents with schizophrenia do not show any significant tissue loss in the brain.

d.Healthy teenagers lose a large portion of the brain’s gray matter.

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