81.Ashleigh has played a number of supporting roles TV sitcoms.

Question : 81.Ashleigh has played a number of supporting roles TV sitcoms. : 1407049


81.Ashleigh has played a number of supporting roles on TV sitcoms. In her last role, she understood her contract to obligate her to perform in 22 episodes for a stipend of $500 per episode. After completion of 11 episodes, Ashleigh became ill and was unable to complete the episodes in a timely manner. The studio claimed that Ashleigh broke her contract and they are not obligated to pay her. She is confident that an impartial third party will view her circumstances as exceptional and will rule that she be reimbursed for the 11 performances. She has agreed to mediation. 

82.Jian is a well-known professor of labor relations at a major university. She recently was asked by representatives of labor and management at a nearby corporation to help them resolve a disagreement that threatened to cause a breakdown in negotiations. If Jian agrees to help, her role will be to encourage both parties to continue negotiating and to offer constructive advice and suggestions, but she will not have the authority to render a binding decision. Jian's role is that of a mediator. 

83.Management at Enomoto Enterprises has assigned Alberto to work at two different facilities, which will require him to commute an extra 25 miles on the days he must work at both plants. Alberto believes that the negotiated labor-management agreement requires the company to reimburse him for the extra mileage he has to drive. Management disagrees. Alberto has decided to file a charge that management is not abiding by the terms of the negotiated agreement. Alberto's complaint is called a grievance. 

84.A lockout is a tactic utilized by unions when collective bargaining breaks down. 

85.The strike historically has been the most powerful weapon unions use to achieve their objectives in labor disputes. 

86.A boycott occurs when workers collectively refuse to go to work. 

87.Strikes have been an effective way of settling labor disputes without violence and bitterness. 

88.Postal workers and other employees of the federal government who provide important services are allowed to form unions, but are denied the right to strike. 

89.The "blue flu" refers to a situation in which union members (like firefighters) who are not allowed to strike refuse to work by calling in sick. 

90.A cooling-off period is when workers in a critical industry return to their jobs while the union and management continue negotiations. 



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