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81.An annuity is a contract to make regular payments to a person for life or for a fixed period. 




82.Fixed annuities have become much more popular than variable annuities. 




83.Variable annuities offer investment choices identical to mutual funds. 




84.People who have health insurance seldom need disability insurance. 




85.If you are relatively healthy, there is no real reason to buy health insurance. 




86.Everything else constant, the higher the deductible on your car insurance policy, the higher the premium for your car insurance. 




87.Many employers offer health insurance coverage for their full-time employees. 




88.Disability insurance provides a relatively low cost way of protecting against lost income due to an accident or illness that prevents you from working for an extended period of time. 




89.Due to the high cost of the insurance premiums, many people have found that it makes financial sense to carry medical insurance only if their employer provides it. 




90.The chances of becoming disabled at an early age are much higher than your chances of dying from an accident. 





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