81) Which of the following best describes a similarity between

Question : 81) Which of the following best describes a similarity between : 1408422


81) Which of the following best describes a similarity between Costco and Walmart?

A) Both are warehouse clubs.

B) Both target the same affluent market.

C) Both are specialty stores.

D) Both use everyday low pricing.

E) Both are examples of merchant wholesalers.

82) Macy's department stores carry a wide range of product lines, including clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, and home furnishings. Macy's typically charges a relatively high markup, but also holds frequent sales and price promotions, in particular offering discounts to customers who use a Macy's credit card. Macy's uses ________.

A) self-service retailing

B) experiential retailing

C) high-low pricing

D) everyday low pricing

E) retail convergence

83) Which of the following is most likely true about shoppers who prefer to shop at "lifestyle centers"?

A) They use coupons.

B) They prefer upscale stores.

C) They prefer indoor shopping locations.

D) They rarely dine out in expensive restaurants.

E) They are motivated by deals on last year's merchandise.

84) Carey David's wholesale company helps retailers train salesclerks, improve store layouts and displays, and set up inventory control systems. According to this information, which of the following wholesaler's channel functions is provided by Cary David?

A) buying and assortment building

B) selling and promotion services

C) risk bearing services

D) marketing information

E) management services and advice

85) You own a small independent retail store in your neighborhood. You want to offer fresh seafood, milk, and bread in your store. In this case which of the following types of wholesalers will serve you the best?

A) truck jobber

B) independent distributor

C) drop shipper

D) mail-order wholesaler

E) manufacturers' agent

86) You own a neighborhood grocery store and would like to have non-food items delivered, priced, displayed and inventoried by a wholesaler. You do not want to purchase title to the goods. Which type of wholesaler best fits your needs?

A) cash-and-carry wholesaler

B) rack jobber

C) drop shipper

D) mail-order wholesaler

E) agents and brokers

87) Tony Pool Chemical Co. purchased 144 buckets of chlorine tablets over the Internet from Chemical Inc. Then Chemical Inc. placed the order with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer then transported the tablets directly to the Tony Pool store. In this case, Chemical Inc. is an example of a ________.

A) drop shipper

B) truck jobber

C) rack jobber

D) full-service wholesaler

E) cash-and-carry wholesaler

88) ________ perform a role similar to that of brokers or agents but are part of the buyer's organization.

A) Truck jobbers

B) Merchant wholesalers

C) Purchasing officers

D) Rack jobbers

E) Cash-and-carry wholesalers

Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions.


In the 1970s, Shipshewana was only a small town with a hardware store, a grain mill, a shoe store, a small restaurant, and a grocery store. Over the next two decades, the small town transformed into an international tourist attraction, attracting thousands of tourists who were intrigued by the lifestyle of Shipshewana's largest population—the Amish.


Ben and Mary Miller, having grown up within the Amish faith, decided to capitalize on their town's popularity and their woodworking skills. Their shop, Indiana Wood, began with a small display of handmade hickory rocking chairs, Ben Miller's specialty. But within a few months, the display at Indiana Wood included picnic tables, flower boxes, and small handmade novelty items. No other shop offers the same.


Mary Miller decorated the shop's display room with authentic Amish décor and eventually hired three Amish friends to sew and embroider napkins and other textiles as per customer requests. In addition, two women from the Amish community sought permission from the Millers to display home-baked pastries and jellies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when Shipshewana attracts swarms of visitors to its flea market on the south edge of town. The Millers also hired four more people to help customers throughout the purchasing process and to provide the required product related information to the customers.


"Shipshewana is full of specialty shops," Mary Miller stated. "People don't come here to buy things made in China or Taiwan. They want real, Amish-made goods."

89) Indiana Wood can be best classified as a(n) ________.

A) full-service retailer

B) industrial distributor

C) truck jobber

D) warehouse club

E) drop shipper

90) The authentic Amish décor of Indiana Wood's contributes to the store's ________.

A) product assortment

B) services mix

C) atmosphere

D) segmentation

E) retail convergence



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