81) Which area of Europe was the last to industrialize?

Question : 81) Which area of Europe was the last to industrialize?

81) Which area of Europe was the last to industrialize? This area was also the last to have large increases in population.

A) northwestern Europe (Britain)

B) northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden)

C) central Europe (Germany)

D) southern Europe (Italy)

E) they all industrialized at the same time

82) What was the first country to use the railroad?

A) Britain

B) France

C) Germany

D) U.S.

E) Italy

83) What was a feature of the French rail system?

A) It was owned by the government.

B) Lines only went from north to south.

C) Water-based shipping companies refused to load their goods onto railcars.

D) It operated within cities, but did not connect major cities to one another.

E) It was centered on Paris.

84) What was a key reason Russia did not decline into Third World status in the latter 1800s?

A) constructing a railroad network

B) connections to Japan, and Japanese goods

C) a strong central government that the people trusted

D) loans from the British government

E) the Hanseatic League

85) What was the first rail hub of the United States?

A) Atlanta, Georgia

B) Boston, Massachusetts

C) Chicago, Illinois

D) Denver, Colorado

E) Erie, Pennsylvania

86) In the United States, the rail network effectively integrated the Northeast with what other region?

A) Midwest

B) South

C) West

D) Southwest

E) The rail network failed to bind the Northeast with any other region.

87) Which is NOT TRUE regarding railroads?

A) Chicago grew as a rail hub.

B) The United States federal government aided railroad expansion.

C) The railroad was invented in the United States.

D) In the 1800s, different railroads had different gauges (width between rails).

E) By the latter 1800s, goods could be shipped from East Coast to West Coast by rail.

88) What is the one country that was not colonized by Europe?

A) Australia

B) India

C) Japan

D) Malaysia

E) Philippines

89) Which country was closed off from the rest of the world until 1867? It had virtually no contact with outside powers until that date.

A) China

B) Japan

C) Korea (today what makes up both South and North Korea)

D) Laos

E) Manchuria (today what is northeast China)

90) Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

A) Prior to colonialism, Europe was a relatively poor and powerless part of the world.

B) There were two major waves of colonialism.

C) Spain and Portugal colonized much of the New World.

D) Germany had colonies.

E) All of the above are true.

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