81) What factor was the basis for the creation of

Question : 81) What factor was the basis for the creation of : 2039755

81) What factor was the basis for the creation of the states in India?

A) culture

B) language

C) politics

D) religion

E) all of the above

82) After the partitioning of India in the late 1940s and the subsequent formation of Bangladesh in 1971, what was Pakistan's policy toward the Pashtun tribes in the country?

A) to make them citizens of Pakistan

B) to expel them from the country

C) to retain the British policy, and allow them to maintain nearly full autonomy

D) to move the population to a location near the Indian border

E) ethnic cleansing

83) After the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, the Pakistan government

A) sided completely with the Taliban.

B) used the confusion of the situation to launch an attack against India.

C) immediately rescinded Pashtun autonomy in the northern portions of the country.

D) reluctantly agreed to aid the United States in its fight against the Taliban.

E) dissolved and reorganized as an Islamic theocracy.

84) Bangladesh

A) was once part of Pakistan.

B) is now in a confederation with India.

C) fought a war against India in 1971.

D) is one of the richest nations in South Asia.

E) has the smallest population of all the countries in South Asia.

85) On what federal principle were India's constituent states organized?

A) religion

B) language

C) economic activity

D) political affiliation

E) culture

86) When did Bangladesh achieve independence from Pakistan?

A) 1952

B) 1964

C) 1971

D) 1980

E) 1992

87) Which of the following cities is the capital of India?

A) Mumbai

B) Calcutta

C) Delhi

D) Karachi

E) Madras

88) From which country did Bangladesh gain its freedom in 1971?

A) India

B) China

C) Great Britain

D) Nepal

E) Pakistan

89) Who is the father-figure of Indian independence?

A) Mohandas Gandhi

B) Koose Veerappan

C) Raj Kumar

D) Siddhartha Guatama

E) Aasif Mandviwala

90) In what year did the British withdraw from India?

A) 1927

B) 1937

C) 1947

D) 1957

E) 1967

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