81. Research studies show that comprehensive sex education leads to sex. Refer

Question : 81. Research studies show that comprehensive sex education leads to sex. Refer : 1411214


81. Research studies show that comprehensive sex education leads to sex. 
Refer to pages 181-183

Fill in the Blank Questions

82. In regard to sexuality, the psychological changes that occur as a child grows are referred to as that child's _________ development. 

83. Ernest Borneman, a researcher of children's sexuality in the 1950s, suggested that the first phase of sexual development be called the __________ phase. 

84. When a child engages in sex play he or she is likely to do it with a child of the _______ sex. 

85. When the body first becomes capable of reproduction, the individual has entered _________. 

86. The social and psychological status that exists between the beginning of puberty and acceptance into full adulthood is called _________. 

87. The major sexual milestone for girls in puberty is __________, which is the onset of menstruation. 

88. Like menstruation for girls, the onset of ___________ is a sexual milestone for boys. 

89. According to Alfred Kinsey, the first ejaculation is the most important __________ event in male adolescence. 

90. A common slang term for nocturnal emissions is wet __________. 

91. __________ sexuality education addresses four developmental levels-early childhood, pre-adolescence, early adolescence, and adolescence. 

92. Sex education programs must provide information about both __________ and contraception in order to prevent teen pregnancy. 



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