81. Penny a recovering drug addict. Her treatment program emphasizes the

Question : 81. Penny a recovering drug addict. Her treatment program emphasizes the : 1385844


81. Penny is a recovering drug addict. Her treatment program emphasizes the influence of her environment—"people, places, and things"—on her use of her drug of choice. Her program reflects the _____ perspective in psychology.

A. psychodynamic

B. behavioral

C. cognitive

D. neuroscience

82. Dr. Greenway argues that psychology should focus on observable, measurable behavior. Dr. Cech suggests that psychology should study how people think about and understand the world. Which option below CORRECTLY identifies their respective perspectives?

A. Dr. Greenway—behavioral perspective; Dr. Cech—cognitive perspective

B. Dr. Greenway—cognitive perspective; Dr. Cech—behavioral perspective

C. Dr. Greenway—behavioral perspective; Dr. Cech—humanistic perspective

D. Dr. Greenway—psychodynamic perspective; Dr. Cech—humanistic perspective

83. Which psychologist is INCORRECTLY matched with an associated perspective?

A. Abraham Maslow; humanistic

B. Sigmund Freud; psychodynamic

C. Karen Horney; cognitive

D. B.F. Skinner; behavioral

84. Which of the following psychologists is associated with the behavioral perspective?

A. Rogers

B. Skinner

C. Maslow

D. Hollingworth

85. The computer metaphor is at the heart of the _____ perspective.

A. cognitive

B. neuroscience

C. behavioral

D. humanistic

86. The cognitive perspective is said to have evolved in part from the _____ perspective in early psychology and to represent a reaction to _____.

A. structuralist; humanism

B. structuralist; behaviorism

C. humanist; behaviorism

D. humanist; functionalism

87. Driving to work one day, Owen suspects that drivers talking on their cell phones pay less attention to the road than do other drivers. This hypothesis would most likely be tested by a _____ psychologist.

A. behavioral

B. humanistic

C. cognitive

D. psychodynamic

88. The humanistic perspective rejects the view that behavior reflects biological forces, unconscious processes, or the environment. In other words, it rejects the _____, _____, and _____ perspectives, respectively.

A. cognitive; psychodynamic; behavioral

B. neuroscience; cognitive; behavioral

C. cognitive; psychodynamic; neuroscience

D. neuroscience; psychodynamic; behavioral

89. The emphasis of the humanistic perspective is on:

A. free will.

B. environmental determinism.

C. natural selection.

D. unconscious motives.

90. Free will stands in contrast to _____.

A. naturism

B. unconscious motives

C. determinism

D. natural selection


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