81. (p. 34) Which of the following true of gender schema? A. Gender schema allows

Question : 81. (p. 34) Which of the following true of gender schema? A. Gender schema allows : 1411439


81. (p. 34) Which of the following is true of gender schema? 

A. Gender schema allows us to process information without the influence of gender stereotypes.

B. Gender schema predisposes us to process information based on gender.

C. Gender schema helps us analyze information that contradicts gender stereotypes.

D. Gender schema makes storing information contrary to gender stereotypes easy.

82. (p. 34) Which of the following is an example of schema-consistent information? 

A. A male carpenter

B. A female plumber

C. A female taxi driver

D. A male nurse

83. (p. 34) Which of the following is an example of schema-inconsistent information? 

A. A female nurse

B. A female bouncer

C. A male carpenter

D. A male truck driver

84. (p. 35) Which of the following is the basic assumption with which sociologists approach the study of human sexuality? 

A. Most societies allow its members freedom when it comes to expressing their sexuality.

B. Every society regulates the sexuality of its members.

C. The norms and traditions of a society do not shape the sexuality of its members.

D. Most societies allow its women more sexual freedom than men.

85. (p. 35) In the study of human sexuality, sociologists: 

A. assume that human sexuality shapes society and not vice versa.

B. believe the sexuality of members is indifferent to institutions like family and religion.

C. learn by observing primitive societies not by observing urban societies.

D. assume that the culture in which sexual behavior occurs determines its appropriateness.

86. (p. 35) When sociologists discuss the effects of religion and the economy on sexuality, their level of interest is at the _____ level. 

A. macro

B. micro

C. subcultural

D. individual

87. (p. 36) The institution in American society that is most responsible for norms and values relating to the prohibition of extramarital sex and homosexual sex is _____. 

A. the family

B. religion

C. the economy

D. mass media

88. (p. 36) The _____ ideology is our basis for asserting that marriage is exclusively for a man and a woman, since only a heterosexual couple can reproduce. 

A. recreational

B. relational

C. procreational

D. bilinear

89. (p. 37) According to the _____ ideology, sex outside marriage and same-gender sex are permissible if they take place within the context of loving relationships. 

A. schematic

B. micro

C. recreational

D. relational

90. (p. 37) Which of the following is true of the socialization of children? 

A. It has no significant impact upon their sexuality.

B. It involves teaching them appropriate norms for behavior.

C. It is transmitted solely through the pressure exerted by peers.

D. It instructs them to live outside the framework of societal rules.



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