81. Of the three major religions of China, _____ the only

Question : 81. Of the three major religions of China, _____ the only : 1411426



81. Of the three major religions of China, _____ is the only truly indigenous one and one of the few religions to advocate the cultivation of sexual techniques for the benefit of the individual. 

A. Dongbaism

B. Confucianism

C. Buddhism

D. Taoism




82. Historically, which of the following is true regarding sexual attitudes in China? 

A. Attitudes were strongly influenced by Christian-puritanism.

B. The Chinese have always condemned homosexuality.

C. Attitudes have been influenced by restrictive Taoist beliefs.

D. The liberal attitude turned puritanical under the neo-Confucianists.




83. Since the founding of the People's Republic in China in 1949, attitudes and laws toward sexuality have predominantly demonstrated: 

A. tolerance of sexual expression in general.

B. repression of sexually-explicit materials.

C. tolerance for male homosexuality but not female homosexuality.

D. encouragement of sexual freedom and fulfillment only among married individuals.




84. Cross-cultural studies of human sexual behavior have shown that: 

A. culture has a profound impact upon sexual expression.

B. human sexual behavior is primarily determined by biological makeup.

C. developed societies are regressing to a more conservative outlook on sexuality.

D. different societies are no longer distinguished by their unique sexual practices.




85. Research on nonhuman species suggests that same-gender sexual behavior is: 

A. the predominant form of sexual interaction among nonhuman species.

B. found only in primates.

C. found in many species.

D. is nonexistent in all other species, apart from humans.




86. Which of the following statements concerning cross-species perspectives on sexuality is true? 

A. Masturbation is absent in all mammalian species except humans.

B. Female masturbation is found among many species besides our own.

C. Sexual signaling is observed in animals but not humans.

D. Same-gender sexual attraction is a unique facet of sexual behavior in humans.




87. Observations of other species indicate that our basic mammalian heritage is: 

A. composed of both heterosexual and homosexual elements.

B. composed exclusively of same-gender sexual behavior.

C. created by the expression of heterosexual tendencies alone.

D. noted to be asexual in nature as procreation does not require sexual intercourse.




88. There are several species of mammals where the males often mount other males, and anal intercourse has been observed in some male primates. The most accurate explanation of this behavior is that: 

A. there is homosexual behavior among many species of mammals.

B. it is a reflection of the heterosexual tendencies of the members.

C. it is a consequence of a scarcity of females in the group.

D. it is a good example of clitoral aggression.




89. A female "parades" in front of a group of males and then makes eye contact with one of them. Which of the following best describes this behavior by the female? 

A. The "caution" look

B. Sexual signaling

C. The "brush-off"

D. Phallic aggression




90. When interacting with males, the female patas monkey puffs out her cheeks and drools. This is an example of: 

A. sexual signaling.

B. phallic aggression.

C. marianismo.

D. incest taboo.




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