81) According to research, when two parties agree to participate

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81) According to research, when two parties agree to participate in mediation, approximately ________ of the cases are settled.

A) 35%

B) 55%

C) 75%

D) 95%

82) In which Supreme Court decision was it made clear that ADR applied to the vast majority of employees and was available to employers seeking to enforce compulsory arbitration agreements?

A) Weingarten v IBM

B) Circuit City v Adams

C) General Electric v Noe

D) Daily News L.P. v Newspaper & Mail Deliverers' of New York and Vicinity


83) Which Supreme Court ruling mandates arbitration for handling employment discrimination claims between employers and unions?

A) Circuit City v Adams

B) Griggs v Duke Power Company

C) 14 Penn Plaza LLC v Pyett

D) Faragher v City of Boca Raton


84) Which term refers to a lateral movement of a worker within an organization?

A) demotion

B) termination

C) promotion

D) transfer

85) Through what means may personality clashes between two valued employees be effectively handled?

A) promotions

B) transfers

C) demotions

D) layoffs


86) Employees are primarily transferred for all of the following reasons EXCEPT to ________.

A) deal with personality clashes

B) unclog promotional channels

C) meet new organization needs

D) reward outstanding performance


87) The movement of a person to a higher-level position in the organization is referred to as a ________.

A) promotion

B) transfer

C) demotion

D) termination

88) Which of the following is a method of revealing the real reasons employees leave their jobs?

A) qualitative evaluation

B) performance appraisal

C) selection interview

D) exit interview


89) What is the most common reason individuals provide when resigning from a firm?

A) unsatisfactory compensation

B) few promotion opportunities

C) disagreement with supervisor

D) discriminatory company policies


90) According to research cited in the text, what was the primary reason that top-performing women resigned from their jobs?

A) wanting more time with family

B) desiring additional compensation

C) lacking development options

D) failing to fit in with a company


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