81. __________ has the constitutional power to declare war. 82. The

Question : 81. __________ has the constitutional power to declare war. 82. The : 1726337


81. __________ has the constitutional power to declare war.

82. The danger posed by ballistic missiles is their ability to carry __________.

83. The Cold War strategy of __________ was intended to prevent nuclear warfare by having a large enough nuclear arsenal that the Soviet Union would not dare challenge the United States.

84. Terrorism is a technique used to effect political change by instilling __________ among the general public.

85. U.S. foreign policy toward North Korea is largely driven by its __________ ambition.

86. The notion behind the League of Nations was collective security, while the notion behind NATO was __________.

87. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the unification of Germany, and the collapse of the Soviet Union brought to an end the period known as the __________.

88. The policy of containment is evident in the United States‘ response to the __________, which involved U.S. efforts to prevent the further spread of Soviet influence to North America.

89. The failure to achieve victories during 25 years of engagement in the __________ not only eroded the American public‘s support for that war, but also affected the public‘s view of future wars.

90. Referring to Figure 18.2, the START agreements are an important step toward reaching President Barack Obama‘s goal of reducing __________ by 87 percent from Cold War levels.


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