81) ________ consists of strong short-term incentives that invite and

Question : 81) ________ consists of strong short-term incentives that invite and : 1408441


81) ________ consists of strong short-term incentives that invite and reward quick responses from customers.

A) Public relations

B) Personal selling

C) Advertising

D) Sales promotion

E) Direct marketing

82) Which of the following is a sales promotion tool?

A) sponsorships

B) billboards

C) catalogs

D) coupons

E) posters

83) Suppose Amazon.com has offered you free shipping on your next purchase of more than $35. This offer is an example of ________.

A) sales promotion

B) personal selling

C) a public relations strategy

D) horizontal diversification

E) a pull strategy

84) ________ is very believable because news stories, features, sponsorships, and events seem more real and believable to readers than ads do.

A) Differentiated marketing

B) Public relations

C) Direct marketing

D) Sales promotion

E) Personal selling

85) A newspaper article announced that Connect Wireless, the sixth-largest wireless carrier in a country, was changing its name to M-Mobile and that to begin the makeover process it had replaced spokesperson Robert Garmon with Catherine Naylor. Which of the following elements of a promotion mix is represented in this example?

A) sales promotion

B) advertising

C) public relations

D) personal selling

E) direct marketing

86) Which promotional tool is the most immediate, customized, and interactive?

A) segmented advertising

B) sales promotion

C) direct marketing

D) horizontal diversification

E) public relations

87) Under which promotional mix strategy does the producer direct its marketing activities (primarily advertising and consumer promotion) toward channel members to induce them to carry the product and promote it to final consumers?

A) pull strategy

B) blitz strategy

C) push strategy

D) buzz strategy

E) pulse strategy

88) The manufacturer of Crest toothpaste provides free samples of its toothpaste to dentists and encourages them to distribute these samples to their patients and to inform the patients about advantages of using Crest. The manufacturer of Crest toothpaste is using ________.

A) sales promotion

B) direct marketing

C) a push strategy

D) a pull strategy

E) a vertical diversification strategy

89) Using a(n) ________ strategy, the producer directs its marketing activities toward final consumers to induce them to buy the product.

A) pull

B) blitz

C) push

D) buzz

E) pulse

90) Glasis is a type of paint made specifically for use on cars. An ad in Motor Trend magazine advising consumers to request their auto body shops to use Glasis paint is an example of how a company uses ________.

A) word-of-mouth influence

B) public relations

C) buzz marketing

D) a push strategy

E) a pull strategy



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