8. Figure out the magnification of fields 1 and 3,

Question : 8. Figure out the magnification of fields 1 and 3, : 1607417

8. Figure out the magnification of fields 1 and 3, and the field size of 2. ( Use your ruler.) Note that the numbers for the field sizes below are too large to represent the typical compound microscope lens system, but the relationships depicted are accurate.

9. Say you are observing an object in the low-power field. When you switch to high power, it is no longer in your field of view.

Why might this occur?

What should be done initially to prevent this from happening? 10. Do the following factors increase or decrease as one moves to higher magnifications with the microscope?

resolution: ?? ? amount of light needed: working distance: ?? ?depth of field:

11. A student has the high-dry lens in position and appears to be intently observing the specimen. The instructor, noting a working distance of about 1 cm, knows the student isn’t actually seeing the specimen.

How so?

12. Describe the proper procedure for preparing a wet mount.

13. Indicate the probable cause of the following situations arising during use of a microscope.

a. Only half of the field is illuminated:

b. Field does not change as mechanical stage is moved:

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