8) 1.Some of the writers of "mysteries" or "cosies", as

Question : 8) 1.Some of the writers of "mysteries" or "cosies", as : 2007977

8) 1.Some of the writers of "mysteries" or "cosies", as they are sometimes called, are Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and Margery Allingham.

2."Cosies" can be quite formulaic and therefore barely "realistic".

3.In the "cosy", the puzzle is paramount and the means of death for the poor victim is sometimes quite elaborate and peculiar.

4.The "psychological" detective novel is much less formulaic than the "cosy", and perhaps more 'modern', but the portrait of the criminal can be as elaborate and peculiar as the means of death in the "cosy".

5.At the other end of the spectrum is the psychological" detective novel, which focuses not so much on "whodunit" as it does on "whydunnit".

6.The reader knows the perpetrator of the crime from the beginning.

7.Rarely can writers in this genre write both of these kinds of detective fiction successfully.

8.The reader does not know, and the novel is usually an unfolding of, the 'why', or workings of the perpetrator's mind that have driven him or her to commit the crime, which is usually at the beginning of the novel.

9.The solving of the crime, then, is secondary to the understanding of a criminal mind.

10.Within the genre of detective fiction are different kinds of books; two of these kinds are the

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