79.Listed below 10 terms followed by a list of phrases

Question : 79.Listed below 10 terms followed by a list of phrases : 1412657



79.Listed below are 10 terms followed by a list of phrases that describe or characterize the terms. Match each phrase with the correct term.


1. Expected cash flow approachThe first cash flow occurs more than one period after the date of the agreement.             

2. AnnuityFuture value of equal-sized cash flows starting at the beginning of the period.             

3. Future value of an annuity dueA series of equal-sized cash flows.

4. Deferred annuityClaim to a fixed amount of cash.

5. Future value of a single amountDiscount rate is the credit-adjusted risk-free rate.

6. Present value of a single amountAmount of money required today that is equivalent to a given future amount.             

7. Annuity dueThe amount of money that a dollar will grow to.

8. Present value of an ordinary annuityFirst cash flow occurs on the first day of the agreement.             

9. Monetary assetPresent value of equal-sized cash flows beginning at the end of the period.             

10. InterestAmount of money paid/received in excess of the amount borrowed/lent.









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