77) Generally speaking, the more ________ a job requires that

Question : 77) Generally speaking, the more ________ a job requires that : 1400041



77) Generally speaking, the more ________ a job requires that you have actually acquired, the better off you are.

A) technical skill

B) writing skill

C) speaking skill

D) training


78) Success in school often requires a person to be a ________, while success in the workplace often requires the same person to be a ________.

A) specialist; generalist

B) specialist; conformist

C) generalist; specialist

D) conformist; nonconformist

79) Which of the following is a job that would allow a person who is a poor writer and speaker to excel?

A) engineer

B) lawyer

C) basketball coach

D) advertising executive


80) One secret to a successful career is to identify your ________ and develop it to the fullest.

A) special ability

B) strength

C) main interest in life

D) competitive advantage


81) In a career, major accomplishments often require a person taking ________.

A) the path more traveled

B) the path less traveled

C) the straightest path

D) a circuitous path

82) This is the best time to take risks in your life.

A) when you are established

B) when you are young

C) when you are old

D) when you have something to lose


83) Today's employers no longer expect ________ from employees.

A) long-term loyalty

B) maximum effort

C) high performance

D) a full work day


84) Employees in today's work world should think of themselves as ________.

A) members of a large, loyal family that will never abandon them

B) pawns who have no power to change or improve their situation

C) free agents who are constantly looking to improve their situation

D) bosses who control their organization

85) The advice, "You don't leave a good job," ________.

A) was never true

B) is still true today

C) is no longer true

D) is true today more than ever


86) Which statement best summarizes the relationship between success and luck?

A) All successes depend partly on luck.

B) Most successes depend totally on luck.

C) Success has nothing to do with luck.

D) Luck seldom has anything to do with success.


87) What element proved lucky for entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Paul Allen early in their careers?

A) They were interested in computers.

B) They were born in the same time period.

C) They went to the same college.

D) They joined IBM early in their careers.

88) One reason NOT to change jobs is to ________.

A) add new people to your network

B) keep your skills fresh

C) raise your income

D) keep your job tasks challenging and interesting


89) The best way to describe success is that it is a matter of matching up opportunities, ________, and luck.

A) intelligence

B) talent

C) skill

D) preparation


90) Even the prepared person cannot take advantage of luck unless he or she ________.

A) is highly intelligent

B) can take action when opportunity knocks

C) can convince others to join his or her effort

D) puts in 16-hour days



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