71.Which the best example of a question designed to assess

Question : 71.Which the best example of a question designed to assess : 1408644



71.Which is the best example of a question designed to assess autobiographical memory?

a.What is the capital of Wisconsin?

b.Who taught you how to ride a bike?

c.Where is the queen initially located on a chessboard?

d.When was Abraham Lincoln elected president?




72.Theory on the emergence of autobiographical memory suggests that in order to improve the autobiographical memory skills of his or her child, a parent would most likely

a.give the child multivitamins that include vitamin B.

b.begin to encourage the child to talk about what happened at school each day.

c.emphasize the importance of the one-to-one principle.

d.teach children how to solve conservation tasks.




73.Why do children in Asian countries like China or Japan tend to recall less from their early years than children from North American countries?

a.They are actively encouraged to not dwell on their pasts.

b.They are not given the same amount of opportunities to talk with parents about past events.

c.They have slightly different brains that are less effective at autobiographical memory but superior in procedural memory.

d.They have a less “rich” childhood since they come from such poor countries.




74.What can be done to improve the credibility of the testimony of a child?

a.Question the child many times to make sure the child is convinced of the events

b.Convince the child that the people asking her questions are important people who are only trying to help her remember what happened

c.Use questions that test a number of different explanations concerning the event

d.There is no need to improve credibility, since the memories of children are actually less fragile than the memories of adults




75.Research shows that infants as young as ____ can differentiate two objects from three objects.

a.1 month oldc.1 year old

b.5 months oldd.2 years old




76.Eleven-month-old Oreo loves cookies. One day he sees his mother putting cookies into cups for a party. As he is watching, his mom puts one cookie into the first two cups, two cookies into the next two cups, and three cookies into the last two cups. If Oreo is a normally developing 10-month-old who likes cookies, he would most likely reach for

a.a cup located nearest his left hand.

b.the first cup in which he saw a cookie being placed.

c.a cup with three cookies.

d.the darkest-colored cup.




77.The ____ principle of counting states that there must be only one number name for each item counted.






78.The following three-year-olds are asked to count the number of fingers they have on their left hand. Assuming that they each have five fingers, who best illustrates the one-to-one principle?

a.Chandler, who says, “1, 4, 2!”

b.Monica, who says, “5, 3, 1, blastoff!”

c.Phoebe, who says, “One hand has five fingers.”

d.Ross, who says, “1, 2, C, D, F.”




79.The ____ principle of counting states that number names must be counted in the same sequence.






80.While counting four objects, Yoshiko says “1, 2, 4, 8” one time and “2, 1, 4, 8” the next time. This demonstrates that Yoshiko has failed to master the ____ principle of counting.







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