71.The market challenger may launch a full ________, matching the

Question : 71.The market challenger may launch a full ________, matching the : 1410257



71.The market challenger may launch a full ________, matching the competitor's product, advertising, price, and distribution efforts. It attacks the competitor's strengths rather than its weaknesses.

indirect attack

direct attack

frontal attack

multiple attack

strength attack




72.Rather than challenging head-on, the challenger can make ________ on the competitor's weaknesses or on gaps in the competitor's market coverage.

a direct attack

a frontal attack

an indirect attack

an individual attack

a cautious attack




73.Many firms prefer to ________ rather than ________ the leader.

follow; challenge

challenge; follow

challenge; support

support; challenge

follow; support




74.The market follower must keep its manufacturing costs and prices ________ or its product quality and services ________.

stable; low

low; high

high; low

fair; low

low; fair




75.Almost every industry includes firms that specialize in serving target subsegments called ________.

market niches


customer databases

hotbox markets

local markets




76.________ is profitable because the needs of the target customer segment are better met than when other firms casually attempt to sell to the same segment.


Differentiated marketing

Market niching

Vertical marketing

Dynamic marketing




77.Whereas the mass marketer achieves ________, the nicher achieves ________.

low margins; low volume

low volume; high margins

high volume; high margins

high volume; low margins

high margins; high volume




78.Computer mouse and interface device maker Logitech is only a fraction the size of giant Microsoft. Yet through skillful ________, it dominates the PC mouse market, with Microsoft as its runner-up.

employment tactics


brand imaging

vertical marketing





79.The key to successful niching is ________.

having only a few specific customers

buzz marketing



mass appeal of one idea




80.The market niche may dry up, or it might grow to the point that it attracts larger competitors. That is why many companies practise ________.

multiple niching

single niching

specific niching

service niching

market niching





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