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71.PET scan studies have found that the prefrontal cortex of predatory murderers has less brain activity than does the prefrontal cortex of men who commit “heat of passion” murders.

72.Psychopaths are believed to exist in all cultures and throughout history, although they are more prevalent in collectivist societies.

73.Psychopaths are slow to develop classically conditioned responses to anticipated danger, pain, or shock.

74.Psychopaths show an excessively strong change in the electrical conductance of the skin when they anticipate punishment or danger.

75.People with substance-related and addictive disorders use drugs and other substances in a way that is self-destructive, or results in their inability to function normally.

76.People who have a high sensitivity to alcohol are less likely to drink to excess.

77.Native Americans have the same genetic protection that Asians do, yet they have much higher rates of alcoholism.

78.Repeated jolts of pleasure-producing dopamine disrupt cognitive functions such as working memory, self-control, and decision making.

79.The biological model of drug/alcohol addiction emphasizes a person’s neurology and genetic predisposition.

80.Substance abuse and addiction problems do not come into play when people move from their culture of origin into another that has different drinking rules.

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