71.Non-verbal communication has the biggest impact when using . a.video conference b.telephone c.formal letter d.face

Question : 71.Non-verbal communication has the biggest impact when using . a.video conference b.telephone c.formal letter d.face : 1402284


71.Non-verbal communication has the biggest impact when using   .

a.video conference


c.formal letter

d.face to face communication

e.newspaper article

72.     is defined as communication transmitted through actions and behaviors rather than through words.

a.Verbal communication

b.Oral communication

c.Written communication

d.Nonverbal communication

e.Electronic mail

73.Most executives now believe that important information flows from the:

a.top down.

b.bottom up.

c.diagonal level.

d.horizontal level to diagonal level.

e.internal to external.

74.The skills of     require receiving messages to accurately grasp facts and feelings to interpret the meaning of the message.






75.Listening is    of effective communication.

a.10 percent

b.25 percent

c.40 percent

d.50 percent

e.75 percent

76.Highly successful salespeople spend     of a sales call letting the customer talk.

a.15-20 percent

b.40-50 percent

c.60-70 percent



77.Keys to effective listening include all of the following EXCEPT:

a.find areas of interest.

b.listen for ideas.

c.be responsive.

d.have preconceptions.

e.all of these are keys to effective listening.

78.Which of the following is(are) part of keys to effective listening?

a.Listen for facts

b.Listen for ideas

c.Be passive, laid back

d.Have preconceptions

e.All of these

79.Characteristics of a good listener are someone who:

a.asks questions, listens for facts, and avoids distractions.

b.asks questions, summarizes, and listens to central themes.

c.shows interest, judges content, and has preconceptions.

d.listens between lines, starts to argue, and works hard.

e.shows interest, works hard, and starts to argue.

80.Good listeners exhibit all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:

a.asking questions.

b.having preconceptions.

c.tolerates bad habits.

d.judges content, not delivery errors.

e.all of these.



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