71.Jamika a manager at a well-known retail store. Each morning

Question : 71.Jamika a manager at a well-known retail store. Each morning : 1406855


71.Jamika is a manager at a well-known retail store. Each morning she determines the order in which store projects are performed; she sets work schedules for employees and standards that must be met. These activities suggest that Jamika is involved in operational planning. 

72.Sharon needed to solve a problem quickly, so she called together the work team in her department and asked them to list as many possible solutions as they could come up with in a short period of time. During the process she encouraged responses and avoided censoring what her workers said. Sharon is utilizing a problem-solving technique known as brainstorming. 

73.After management has created a plan of action, the focus turns to the controlling function to recheck and often redo the plan. 

74.Organizing involves allocating resources, assigning tasks, and establishing procedures for accomplishing the organizational objectives. 

75.The visual illustration of the relationships among the people within an organization that shows who is accountable for the work and who reports to whom is called a Gantt Chart. 

76.Branch and plant managers and division heads are classified as first-line managers. 

77.A CEO is often the president of the firm and is responsible for developing the strategic plans. 

78.The recent recession eliminated many middle managers giving the remaining managers more employees to supervise. 

79.Supervisory managers are those who directly oversee the activities of workers and evaluate their daily performance. 

80.Middle managers usually are responsible for tactical planning and controlling. 



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