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Question : 71)  When anxiety disrupts normal behavioral functioning, it generally referred

71)  When anxiety disrupts normal behavioral functioning, it is generally referred to as

A) fear.

B) hypertension

C) an anxiety disorder.

D) a panic disorder.

E) a phobia.

72)  Which of the following symptoms is not commonly associated with anxiety disorders?

A) tachycardia

B) hypotension

C) high blood pressure

D) nausea

E) breathing difficulties

73)  Most prevalent of all psychiatric disorders are the __________ disorders.

A) manic

B) anxiety

C) schizophrenic

D) depressive

E) phobic

74)  A meta-analysis of 46 studies indicated that about _________ of individuals will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.

A) 54%

B) 17%

C) 8%

D) 7%

E) 33%

75)  Phobic disorders, panic disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders are all categories of

A) schizophrenia.

B) depression.

C) anxiety disorder.

D) mania.

E) unipolar affective disorder.

76)  Disorders characterized by extreme feelings of anxiety and severe stress responses in the absence of an apparent precipitating stimulus are classified as

A) generalized anxiety disorders.

B) panic attacks.

C) phobic anxiety disorders.

D) obsessive-compulsive disorders.

E) tachycardia.

77)  Disorders characterized by recurring uncontrollable anxiety-producing thoughts and impulses are classified as __________ disorders.

A) panic

B) phobic

C) obsessive-compulsive

D) schizophrenic

E) manic-depressive

78)  Anxiety disorders are

A) now reasonably rare.

B) the most prevalent of all psychiatric disorders.

C) often treated with benzodiazepines or serotonin agonists.

D) both A and C

E) both B and C

79)  Librium and Valium are

A) chlordiazepoxide and diazepam, respectively.

B) benzodiazepines.

C) commonly prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia.

D) all of the above

E) both A and B

80)  It has been estimated that benzodiazepines are currently being used by approximately __________ of adult North Americans.

A) 10%

B) 2%

C) 1%

D) 19%

E) 33%

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