71) What was the purpose of the White Australia Policy? A)

Question : 71) What was the purpose of the White Australia Policy? A) : 2039792

71) What was the purpose of the White Australia Policy?

A) to promote the emigration of Australians who were of European descent to other nations in the South Pacific

B) to encourage Australians of European descent to migrate from Australia's densely settled east coast to the more sparsely settled interior and west coast

C) It was an ethnic isolationist policy established by the Australian government, which sought to place the country's entire aboriginal population on reservation-like holdings in the far western portion of the country.

D) to promote immigration of (white) North Americans and Europeans to Australia

E) to clean up the country's white sand beaches, which had been seriously polluted by mining

72) What was the purpose of the Native Title Bill, which became law in Australia in 1993?

A) to restrain the autonomy of Australia's aboriginal population

B) to establish an aboriginal state in the northeastern portion of Western Australia

C) to grant Australia's aboriginal population the state of Tasmania

D) to grant Australia's aboriginal population the right to establish gambling operations on their lands

E) to give Australia's aboriginal population greater control over sacred lands

73) In what part of Australia/Oceania did the French test nuclear devices as recently as the 1990s?

A) Tuamotu Archipelago

B) New Caledonia

C) Federated States of Micronesia

D) Marshall Islands

E) Bikini Atoll

74) What is the name of the policy in Australia that promoted immigration from Europe and North America at the expense of other groups?

A) Anglo Australia Policy

B) White Australia Policy

C) British Commonwealth Immigration Initiative

D) Australia for Australians

E) Pure Australia Policy

75) Which island in the Australia/Oceania region was known as the "Jewel of French Polynesia"?

A) Bora Bora

B) Tonga

C) Bikini Island

D) Samoa

E) New Caledonia

76) What is the United States' main possession in Oceania?

A) Hawaii

B) Guam

C) Fiji

D) the Marshall Islands

E) Samoa

77) What is the only country to conduct nuclear tests in Oceania in recent years?

A) China

B) France

C) India

D) United States

E) Great Britain

78) What country has been called on most often in recent years to mediate disputes in Oceania?

A) Britain

B) France

C) Australia

D) United States

E) Japan

79) What did the United States use the Marshall Islands for between 1946 and 1958?

A) as fishing grounds

B) as an industrial center for the building of aircraft

C) for sugarcane production

D) a prison colony

E) as a nuclear testing site

80) What strategy has been valuable to both Maoris and Aborigines in their efforts to gain greater control over their ancestral land and resources?

A) acts of terrorism

B) consumer boycotts

C) bribery

D) the political process

E) civil disobedience

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