71) What nation, like the United States, emerged as a

Question : 71) What nation, like the United States, emerged as a


71) What nation, like the United States, emerged as a somewhat troubled union in the mid-19th century? A) Mexico



D)the British Caribbean

72) The largest number of people per square mile (above 90) in the United States in 1830 were concentrated in:

A)Massachusetts and New Jersey.

B)Kentucky and Tennessee.

C)North and South Carolina.

D)Pennsylvania and New York.

73) This type of construction, first used in the 1830s, became a method for common family dwellings. A) log cabin

B)post and beam



74) The “Coffin Handbill” was a political attack on: A) Henry Clay.

B)Andrew Jackson.

C)Martin Van Buren.

D)William Henry Harrison.

75) The Panics of 1819 and 1837 were both triggered by: A) a wave of bank failures.

B)state bankruptcies.

C)a stock market crash.

D)government refusal to redeem bonds.

76) In the elections of 1824 and 1828, John Quincy Adams won most of his electoral votes in:  A) New England.

B)the Lower South.

C)the Middle States.

D)the Old Northwest.

77) Between 1824 and 1828, voter turnout: A) increased 25 percent.

B)increased 50 percent.



78) By 1830, universal white suffrage was most likely to be found in: A) the Atlantic coast states.

B)the West and New England.

C)the Southwest and the middle states.

D)the South.

79) Many of Jackson’s governmental policies could be interpreted as an effort to undermine what potential rival?

A)Henry Clay

B)Daniel Webster

C)John C. Calhoun

D)Martin Van Buren

80) In 1830, the population per square mile had reached 18 in every east coast state or territory except:





81) The Nullification Crisis was particularly destabilizing for national politics because: A) the president and vice president were in open disagreement on an important issue.

B)Jackson openly defied the Supreme Court.

C)Congress refused to act to modify the tariff.

D)half a dozen states joined South Carolina in defying Jackson.

82) Which of the following is NOT one of the Five Southern Tribes forced to cede lands during the Indian Removals?







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