71) The floppy disk used by earlier generation PCs for

Question : 71) The floppy disk used by earlier generation PCs for : 1927937

71) The floppy disk used by earlier generation PCs for portable storage has now been largely replaced by:

A) CDs.

B) flash drives.

C) DVDs.

D) hard disks.

72) Nanotechnology uses individual atoms and molecules to create computer chips and other devices that are thousands of times smaller than current technologies permit.

73) A(n) ________ allows users to interact with a computer by using several fingers to perform gestures without using a mouse or keyboard.


B) multitouch interface

C) touch screen

D) interface

74) ________ is free software created and updated by a worldwide community of programmers.

A) An app

B) Open-source software

C) Cloud-based software

D) A Web service

75) A software package for a mainframe usually requires a programmer to install it.

76) ________ is an operating system-independent, processor-independent, object-oriented programming language that has become a leading interactive programming environment for the Web.

A) Javascript



D) Java

77) Web browsers are the primary interface for accessing the Internet.

78) XML provides a standard format for data exchange, enabling Web services to pass data from one process to another.

79) You use ________ to predict when a computer hardware system becomes saturated.

A) capacity planning

B) virtualization

C) localization

D) measured service

80) An SaaS provider maintains a large Web server, or series of servers, and provides fee-paying subscribers with space to maintain their Web sites.

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