71. The __________ suggests that migration may be fostered by

Question : 71. The __________ suggests that migration may be fostered by : 2113333

71. The __________ suggests that migration may be fostered by groups, such as humanitarian aid organizations relocating refugees or smugglers bringing people into a country illegally, and that the actions of these groups may produce a larger stream of migrants than would otherwise be the case.

a. network theory

b. institutional theory

c. world systems theory

d. neoclassical economic approach

72. __________ is a subfield of sociology that examines social relationships and political and economic structures in the city.

a. Metropolitan sociology

b. Civic sociology

c. Urban sociology

d. Municipal sociology

73. According to urban sociologists, a __________ is a relatively dense and permanent settlement of people who secure their livelihood primarily through nonagricultural activities.

a. metropolitan area

b. township

c. city

d. territory

74. According to sociologist Gideon Sjoberg, three preconditions must be present in order for

a city to develop. Which of the following is not a precondition cited in order for a city to


a. a favorable physical environment

b. an advanced technology

c. a wall built around the city for protection

d. a well-developed social organization

75. Based on his preconditions for the development of cities, sociologist Gideon Sjoberg places the first cities in __________.

a. Egypt

b. Italy

c. Sicily

d. the Middle Eastern region of Mesopotamia



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