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71) Support activities define the infrastructure of the firm and serve as the basis for the daily implementation of primary activities in the value chain.

72) Using a concentrated configuration, an MNE performs value activities in different countries.

73) Dispersed value chains make sense when costs vary across countries.

74) A core competency gives every employee in an MNE a principle that helps them coordinate transactions between value activities.

75) Digitization has altered location economics and established a new global model for service providers in the financial and legal industries.

76) Pressures for global integration include economic integration, convergent consumer preferences, and political demands imposed by host countries.

77) The quest to maximize individual purchasing power compels local responsiveness.

78) Pressures for local responsiveness are especially important in industries where value creation is a function of a company's capacity to adapt to local market conditions.

79) Pressures for local responsiveness include cross-national differences in terms of consumer preferences, advances in technology, and government regulations.

80) The fundamental outlook of the multidomestic strategy is standardization.



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