71) Relational database systems use ________ to ensure that relationships

Question : 71) Relational database systems use ________ to ensure that relationships : 1927949

71) Relational database systems use ________ to ensure that relationships between coupled tables remain consistent.

A) intersection relations

B) referential integrity rules

C) entity-relationship diagrams

D) foreign keys

72) A DBMS is special software for creating, storing, organizing, and accessing data from a database.

73) A physical view shows data as it is organized on the storage media.

74) End users use a data manipulation language to manipulate data in the database.

75) ________ is an approach to data management that stores both data and procedures acting on the data as objects that can be automatically retrieved and shared.

A) Referential integrity

B) Normalization

C) An object-oriented DBMS

D) Entity-relationship modelling

76) A data ________ stores current and historical data of potential interest to decision makers throughout the company.

A) warehouse

B) mart

C) archive

D) mine

77) A(n) ________ is a dedicated computer in a client/server environment that hosts a DBMS.

A) web server

B) application server

C) database server

D) client server

78) An information policy specifies the procedures and rules for defining the structure and content of corporate databases.

79) Data administration is a special organizational function that manages the policies and procedures through which data can be managed as an organizational resource.

80) A(n) ________ is a structured survey of the accuracy and level of completeness of the data in an information system.

A) data quality audit

B) systems analysis

C) systems audit

D) data analysis

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