71. Fluctuations in sexual desire a normal part of life. Refer to

Question : 71. Fluctuations in sexual desire a normal part of life. Refer to : 1411259


71. Fluctuations in sexual desire are a normal part of life. 
Refer to page 266

72. The behavior designed to lure a person who is already in a romantic relationship into either a temporary or long-term relationship is called mate poaching. 
Refer to page 263

73. One form of autoeroticism is self-masturbation. 
Refer to page 268

74. Men's sexual fantasies are generally more sexually explicit than are women's. 
Refer to page 269

75. A study of undergraduates found that almost all men reported having masturbated in the past. 
Refer to page 274

76. The more educated one becomes, the more frequently one engages in masturbation. 
Refer to page 275

77. There are very few things a couple can do when they are experiencing problems stemming from differences in sexual desire. 
Refer to page 266

78. Erotophobic individuals are more likely to masturbate and use contraceptives regularly. 
Refer to page 266

79. Cultural sexual scripts tell us which behaviors are acceptable or unacceptable in our culture. 
Refer to page 266

80. People have an innate ability to interpret their physiological responses as erotic. 
Refer to page 267



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