71) Bill, manager in an IT company assumes his team

Question : 71) Bill, manager in an IT company assumes his team : 1414478


71) Bill, manager in an IT company assumes his team members are inherently lazy, dislike work, and will avoid work if they can. He believes that his team members need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of controls developed. He also relies heavily on threat and coercion to gain their compliance. Bill is a ________ manager.

A) Theory Z

B) Type A personality

C) Theory X

D) Theory Y

E) Type B personality

72) Which theory proposes managers can be successful with any set of assumptions about human nature, depending upon the situation?

A) Theory X

B) Theory Y

C) Theory Z

D) Theory XY

E) contingency theory

73) ________ involves negative assumptions about people that managers often use as a basis for dealing with their subordinates.

A) Theory X

B) Theory Y

C) Theory Z

D) Theory XY

E) Equity Theory

74) The process of moving workers from one job to another rather than requiring them to perform only one simple and specialized job over the long run is ________.

A) team management

B) job enlargement

C) job enrichment

D) job rotation

E) cross training

75) The process of increasing the number of operations an individual performs in a job is ________.

A) team management

B) job enlargement

C) job enrichment

D) cross training

E) job rotation

76) According to Herzberg, which of the following is needed just to prevent the employee from becoming dissatisfied with work?

A) salary

B) responsibility

C) advancement

D) growth

E) opportunity for recognition

77) According to Herzberg, ________ influence the degree of job satisfaction.

A) hygiene factors

B) maintenance factors

C) motivating factors

D) Theory X factors

E) factors related to the work environment

78) When Jenn Williams joined Conrad Inc., as a business analyst, she was very happy with her job profile and the pay package. However, one year into the job has made her realize that this is not the right place to be. While the she has a good relationship with her co-workers and her supervisors are understanding, she feels that her hardwork often goes unnoticed. Being an ambitious person herself, this lack of acknowledgment is unsettling. Which of the following is most likely to be true in this scenario?

A) Jenn has a high need for affiliation.

B) Conrad Inc. promotes job enrichment.

C) Jenn has the tendency to blame external factors when things go wrong.

D) Jenn is motivated by extrinsic rewards.

E) Conrad Inc. focuses more on hygiene factors rather than motivating factors.

79) Juno XP is an event management firm. Being a startup, the firm is unable to offer its employees the best salaries but instead engages them by providing challenging work and regular training. Which of the following is most similar to this scenario?

A) Anchor Studios provides its executives with pay packages that are higher than the industry average.

B) Rolro Bus Services is an environmentally-conscious organization and ensures that all its vehicles meet emission standards.

C) M2M & Co. focuses on empowering its employees by allowing them to work independently and providing them with opportunities for promotion.

D) Boogle.com has a sprawling state-of-the-art campus, but the work performed by employees is routine and monotonous.

E) Man Inc. assigns a "buddy"—a senior employee, to every new recruit who helps them assimilate into the organization.

80) Incorporating motivators into a job situation is ________.

A) job rotation

B) job enlargement

C) job enrichment

D) total quality management

E) project management



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