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71) As a result of Pinckney’s Treaty, the Spanish: A)

Question : 71) As a result of Pinckney’s Treaty, the Spanish: A) : 1666753


71) As a result of Pinckney’s Treaty, the Spanish: A) granted Florida to the United States.

B)barred Americans from navigating or settling on the Mississippi.

C)forfeited their claim to Florida.

D)accepted the Mississippi and 31st parallel as borders.

72) The provisions of Pinckney’s Treaty that related to the Mississippi River were important because:

A)the river provided a transportation route for western agricultural products through New Orleans to vastly extended markets.

B)the river provided a natural boundary that could be used as a defensive line in Indian wars.

C)fishing in the river was an important economic interest at the time.

D)France had blocked access to the Mississippi River to both Americans and Spaniards. Answer: A

73) Federalist strength in the election of 1800 was greatest in: A) the Upper South.

B)the Middle States.

C)the Lower South.

D)New England.

74) Issues that figured prominently in the 1800 election campaign included all of the following except:

A)the slave trade.

B)the French Revolution.

C)public order.

D)sectionalism. Answer: A

75) Which of the following was the RESULT of the other three?

A)Kentucky and Virginia Resolves

B)“Quasi-war” with France

C)Alien and Sedition Acts

D)XYZ Affair

76) What event occurred the same year that Washington was inaugurated as president?

A)Treaty of Greenville

B)beginning of the French Revolution

C)Whiskey Rebellion

D)ratification of the Bill of Rights

77) The 1791 Columbian Tragedy broadside was an inflammatory account of: A) an Indian defeat of an American military force.

B)Shays’ Rebellion.

C)the XYZ Affair.

D)Massachusetts’ vote to ratify the Constitution.

78) After war between England and France broke out in 1793, who most strongly preferred closer relations with France?

A)Jefferson and Madison



D)American merchants and shippers

79) What event in 1793 furthered the division of the Federalist coalition into two factions: one headed by Hamilton and the other by Jefferson?

A)Citizen Genêt’s mission

B)the Treaty of Greenville

C)passage of the Judicary Act

D)creation of the first Bank of the United States

80) Federalist majorities tended to be in coastal areas because these were more: A) liberal.




81) State efforts to deal with the economic problems of the 1780s by erecting high local tariff barriers demonstrated that:

A)effective commercial regulation would need to be national.

B)strong states and a weak national government was the best solution to the nation’s problems.

C)each state was the best judge of its economic situation.

D)a national community would grow of local interests.

82) The Old Southwest claimed by the Spanish before 1795 covered areas that were mainly the future states of:

A)Alabama and Mississippi.

B)Florida and Georgia.

C)Louisiana and Texas.

D)Ohio and Kentucky.



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