71) A ________ special software that routes and manages communications

Question : 71) A ________ special software that routes and manages communications : 1927960

71) A ________ is special software that routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates networks resources.

A) switch

B) firewall

C) server

D) network operating system/NOS

72) A router is a device that forwards packets of data through different networks, ensuring that the data gets to the right address.

73) Prior to the development of ________, computer networks used leased, dedicated telephone circuits to communicate with other computers in remote locations.

A) packet switching

B) routers

C) servers

D) coaxial cable

74) An analog signal is a discrete, binary waveform that transmits data coded into two discrete states such as 1-bits and 0-bits.

75) ________ is the manner in which the physical components of a LAN are connected together.

A) Network topology

B) Network architecture

C) Network infrastructure

D) A network's platform

76) Today, most Americans connect to the Internet through broadband connections at speeds up to 15 Mbps.

77) An ISP is a commercial organization that owns a region of transcontinental high-speed backbone networks carrying the bulk of Internet traffic.

78) The trunklines of the Internet are typically owned by network service providers.

79) A Web server is a dedicated computer that delivers Web pagers to client computers.

80) A(n) ________ is a box consisting of a radio receiver/transmitter and antennas that links to a wired network, router, or hub.

A) hotspot

B) access point

C) server

D) wireless router

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