71. _______________________ refers to people’s unconscious tendency to resort to their

Question : 71. _______________________ refers to people’s unconscious tendency to resort to their : 1401844


71. _______________________ refers to people’s unconscious tendency to resort to

their own cultural experience and value systems to interpret a given business



a.  Cultural morals

b.  Cultural ethics

c.  Self-Reference Criterion (SRC)

d.  Monocultural

e.  Global culture



72. Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s own culture is:


a.  superior to another culture.

b.  inferior to another culture.

c.  more racial pure than another culture.

d.  exports more than another culture.

e.  has a more rich and colorful history than any other country in the world.



73. Intensive foreign-language training is one of the more common tools to promote



a.  educational sensitivity

b.  travel sensitivity

c.  cultural sensitivity

d.  planning sensitivity

e.  daily sensitivity



74. Certain products are obviously more culture-bound than other products. In particular,

_______________________ products tend to be very culture-bound.


a.  industrial

b.  agricultural

c.  chemicals and industrial supplies

d.  food, beverages, and clothing

e.  none of the above



75. Prices in the U.S. often end in 9 or 5.  Those in China:


a.  end in the auspicious number 3.

b.  do not end in 4 because it connotes death.

c.  end in 5 or 9 like the U.S..

d.  end in 8.

e.  have no pattern whatsoever.



76. A model of organizational culture scheme includes the following four types



a.  clan.

b.  hierarchy.

c.  market.

d.  adhocracy.

e.  nations.



77. The acronym GAM stands for:


a.  global application management.

b.  global action management.

c.  global arts management.

d.  global account management.

e.  none of the above.



78. In the implementation of effective global account management (GAM), the following

factors count EXCEPT the following:


a.  role of the global account management team.

b.  seek global outsourcing.

c.  make incentive structures realistic.

d.  pick the right global account managers.

e.  create a strong support network.



79. The acronym CRM stands for:


a.  customer relationship mapping.

b.  customer reliance management.

c.  computer relationship management.

d.  criteria relationship management

e.  customer relationship management.



80. __________________________ plays a critical role in the development and quality

of a customer relationship management.


a.  United Nations

b.  Geocentric organization

c.  Customer database

d.  Training and development

e.  Outsourcing





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