71. _____ occurs during slow-wave stage 4 sleep. A. Nightmare B. Night

Question : 71. _____ occurs during slow-wave stage 4 sleep. A. Nightmare B. Night : 1411889


71. _____ occurs during slow-wave stage 4 sleep.

A. Nightmare

B. Night terror

C. Narcolepsy

C. Insomnia

72. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder characterized by:

A. sleepwalking and sleep talking.

B. an anxious, panicky feeling.

C. irresistible urge to sleep.

D. excessively long periods of sleep.

73. During lunch at the school cafeteria, Brianna falls asleep while sipping her glass of soda. She is suffering from:

A. somnambulism.

B. insomnia.

C. sleep apnea.

D. narcolepsy.

74. The sleep disorder narcolepsy occurs when individuals:

A. unexpectedly fall into REM sleep during an activity.

B. have difficulty falling asleep whenever they would like.

C. wake up earlier than desired, sometimes several times at night.

D. stop breathing while they are sleeping.

75. Narcolepsy is a disorder that involves:

A. the temporary cessation of breathing during sleep.

B. sudden uncontrollable seizures.

C. sudden attacks of uncontrollable sleep.

D. difficulty in falling asleep.

76. Nolan and Bella were standing in the middle of the kitchen discussing vacation plans when Nolan suddenly crashed to the floor in a deep REM sleep. Nolan’s behavior indicates that he is suffering from:

A. sleep apnea.

B. insomnia.

C. narcolepsy.

D. night terrors.

77. During a heated argument with his teenage daughter, Mr. Reed suddenly lapsed into a stage of REM sleep. Mr. Reed is most likely suffering from:

A. narcolepsy.

B. insomnia.

C. sleep apnea.

D. REM rebound.

78. Sarah’s grandfather takes a nap in his recliner while snoring loudly. When he suddenly stops snoring, Sarah looks to see if he is fine. He appears not to be breathing. For a moment Sarah wonders if he’s dead, but suddenly he coughs and resumes snoring. Sarah’s grandfather appears to suffer from:

A. insomnia.

B. somnambulism.

C. narcolepsy.

D. sleep apnea.

79. Which of the following disorders is characterized by the temporary cessation of breathing while sleeping?

A. Narcolepsy

B. Sleep apnea

C. Night terror

D. Insomnia

80. Mr. Owens always sleeps restlessly, snoring and gasping during the night. It is most likely that Mr. Owens suffers from:

A. sleep apnea.

B. narcolepsy.

C. night terror.

D. insomnia.



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