7) Canada's Manitoulin Island the largest freshwater island in the

Question : 7) Canada's Manitoulin Island the largest freshwater island in the : 2007969

7) Canada's Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world. Manitoulin's shoreline is extremely irregular and varied, and it has many interior lakes within its coasts. The original Aboriginal inhabitants appear to have been the Ottawa, and the island became in the 1830's the centre of Indian administration for northern Ontario. In 1862, the provincial government bought the land and sold it to settlers arriving to clear farms and establish themselves. The Aboriginal people were relegated to relatively small reserves. The main economic activity on the island originally was farming, even though the island is only fertile for farming in some areas. Logging and fishing were also major industries; however, since the 1920's  fishing and logging have declined and tourism is now the principal activity along with farming which is still done in many parts of the island. The name of Manitoulin Island comes from the Indian name for the great spirit, 'Manitou' due to the fact that this is the spirit who is said to dwell on the island and it is also the name of one of the biggest lakes on the island.

8) Many authors use the geographical setting of a novel to highlight themes and important ideas. It is noteworthy that in many modern works of detective fiction the setting determines the overall mood and it determines as well the foreshadowing, and also the action to come. Where a novel takes place and the weather can have a great effect on how it makes those who read the book feel and what the readers expect will happen and what they take way from the story. Henning Mankel's books, set in Sweden, do many of these things to foreshadow and build suspense. In one of his books, which he entitled Firewall, many of the chapters begin with the brooding cold and east wind of the fall season and approaching winter of Sweden. The very open, bleak landscape, cold winds, snow and bitter cold of the termperatures sets the atmosphere, builds suspense and highlights the bleak cynicism of the lead chief detective Kurt Wallender and looks forward to the theme about the concern with the loss of traditional Swedish socialist values in the fabric of Swedish society: concern for fellow human beings, equal opportunity and status. It's like the death of the year and the cold of the approaching winter stand for the whole of the Swedish condition in the modern age as it rushes to embrace the very latest

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