69) One of the important skills that managers need to

Question : 69) One of the important skills that managers need to : 1951282

69) One of the important skills that managers need to develop is sensitivity to ________.

A) political issues

B) economic issues

C) ethical issues

D) technological issues

E) conceptual issues

70) In developing management skills, managers should keep in mind that the value of individual management skills will tend to vary from manager to manager, depending on the ________.

A) corresponding supervisor

B) specific organizational situations faced

C) amount of recognition and reward given

D) the skills of employees

E) attitudes of those involved

71) In building a career, an individual should be focused on ________ to qualify for the next planned job and not simply taking a job with the highest salary.

A) making the most money

B) developing skills necessary

C) the application process

D) interviews

E) unit performance

72) Which of the following is the correct order representing the stages in a career?

A) establishment; exploration; maintenance; decline

B) exploration; maintenance; establishment; decline

C) establishment; maintenance; plateauing; decline

D) exploration; establishment; maintenance; decline

E) establishment; plateauing; exploration; maintenance

73) The first stage in career evolution is the ________ stage.

A) establishment

B) decline

C) exploration

D) plateauing

E) maintenance

74) The ________ is characterized by self-analysis and the exploration of different types of available jobs.

A) decline stage

B) career plateauing stage

C) maintenance stage

D) establishment stage

E) exploration stage

75) At what stage do individuals commonly move to different jobs within the same company, to different companies, or even to different industries?

A) exploration stage

B) establishment stage

C) maintenance stage

D) career plateauing stage

E) decline stage

76) Sarah has been working full-time at Eves Golf Inc. for three years. While at college, she worked as a part-time employee at Burger King and as an office assistant for a manufacturing organization. She was recently promoted to manager, and manages a small team that is responsible for procuring raw materials for their line of golf bags, hats, and other accessories.  Considering that careers evolve through a series of stages, in this scenario Sarah's career is at the ________ stage.

A) exploration

B) establishment

C) maintenance

D) plateauing

E) decline

77) Jonah has been a team manager for eight years now. In that time, his performance has remained consistently satisfactory, but there have been no drastic changes. A junior colleague was recently promoted to department head and Jonah now reports to him. Jonah's career can best be described as being in the ________ stage.

A) exploration

B) establishment

C) exponential

D) plateauing

E) decline

78) At which one of these stages is career plateauing generally observed ?

A) exploration

B) establishment

C) monitoring

D) maintenance

E) decline

79) People in the ________ stage may find it difficult to maintain prior performance levels, perhaps because they have lost interest in their careers or have failed to keep their job skills up-to-date.

A) exploration

B) establishment

C) maintenance

D) decline

E) plateauing

80) What should a person do to enhance his career success?

A) be proactive

B) be reactive

C) be adventurous

D) be knowledgeable

E) be submissive

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