67.A star whose parallax 0.01 seconds arc at a distance

Question : 67.A star whose parallax 0.01 seconds arc at a distance : 1777234

67.A star whose parallax is 0.01 seconds arc is at a distance of 1000 pc.

68.The absolute magnitude of a star is the apparent magnitude it would have if it were 10 pc from Earth.

69.The location of a star in the HR diagram indicates its temperature and intrinsic brightness.

70.Absorption lines in the spectra of supergiant stars are broader than the same spectral lines in main sequence stars of the same spectral type.

71.Giant stars are members of luminosity class III.

72.If a star is twice as hot as the sun and only half the sun's diameter, it will be less luminous than the sun.

73.The method of spectroscopic parallax cannot be applied to stars beyond about 100 pc.

74.The most common kinds of stars are low-luminosity stars.

75.Supergiants are about as common as the sun.

76.White dwarfs have such a low luminosity that even the nearest white dwarfs are not visible to the naked eye.

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