6.3   Fill in the Blank 1) Earth has ________ distinct kinds

Question : 6.3   Fill in the Blank 1) Earth has ________ distinct kinds : 1175003


6.3   Fill in the Blank


1) Earth has ________ distinct kinds of crust.


2) A(n) ________ is an instrument that is used to record earthquake vibrations.


3) ________ are destructive sea waves induced by earthquakes.


4) The ________ is the site of initial rupturing associated with an earthquake.


5) The ________ is a layer in Earth's interior that is in a liquid state.


6) The ________ is the cool, brittle, outer layer of Earth that includes the crust and uppermost mantle.


7) Horsts and grabens are bounded by ________.


8) The east coast of present-day North America is a good example of a(n) ________ continental margin.

9) ________ are accreted crustal fragments that have distinct geologic histories from that of the adjoining crust.


10) The difference between a continent and a microcontinent is ________.


11) Sediment scraped off the subducting plate builds up in a(n) ________. A nice example of this can be seen in central California's coast ranges.


12) Most orogenesis occurs along ________ plate boundaries.


13) In general, buildings constructed on ________ fare better in an earthquake than buildings constructed on ________, as this material amplifies seismic shaking.


14) The iron and nickel that are thought to dominate the core originally came from ________, the "building blocks" that originally formed Earth.


15) ________ are brittle structures.



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