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63. Conditions favor an analyzer strategy when there are a:

A. moderate number of established competitors and a stable industry structure.

B. few established competitors and a stable industry structure.

C. large number of competitors and a stable industry structure.

D. large number of competitors and an evolving industry structure.



64. Which type of strategy is particularly well-suited to an environment in which the industry is in the late growth or early maturity stage of the life cycle?

A. Differentiated defender

B. Low-cost defender

C. Analyzer

D. Prospector



65. All of the following are examples of the product policies of a marketing program EXCEPT:

A. level of product quality.

B. diversity of product line.

C. transportation medium of the product.

D. the technical sophistication of the product.



66. Which of the following is true of the differentiated defender strategy?

A. Goals and objectives adaptability is extensive in the case of differentiated defender strategy.

B. They are likely to produce lower returns as compared to low-cost defenders.

C. Conditions are favorable for this strategy when a technology is in its inception stage.

D. They compete by offering more or better choices to customers than do their competitors.



67. In which of the following strategies is the probability of product-line breadth smaller than the average competitor?

A. Prospector

B. Differentiated defender

C. Low-cost defender

D. Differentiated analyzer



68. In which of the following strategies is the technical sophistication of products always lesser relative to competitors?

A. Prospector strategy

B. Differentiated defender strategy

C. Low-cost defender strategy

D. Differentiated reactor strategy



69. Trade promotion expenses as percent of sales is higher relative to competitors in the case of:

A. prospector strategy.

B. differentiated defender strategy.

C. low cost defender strategy.

D. differentiated reactor strategy.



70. Service quality relative to competitors is always lower in the case of _____ strategy.

A. low cost defender

B. differentiated defender

C. differentiated analyzer

D. differentiated prospector



71. Differentiated defenders cannot adhere to a policy of low competitive prices because:

A. of higher costs involved in differentiating a business’s products.

B. lowering the price would affect the brand image.

C. it always has a very small market.

D. of the lower service quality relative to competitors.



72. Attempting to maintain tight control over the behavior of channel members is the most essential policy for:

A. prospectors who are exploring new markets.

B. defenders who are trying to maintain strong positions in established markets.

C. analyzers who are pursuing a low-cost policy.

D. defenders who are in the process of switching to the prospector strategy.




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