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61.When done correctly, management by objectives (MBO) is an extremely effective method for:


b.developing policies and procedures

c.broadening the span of transformation

d.problem framing

e.tactical planning

62.Who is primarily responsible for developing operational plans?

a.lower-level managers

b.middle managers managers

d.staff advisers

e.all of these

63.In 2004, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services introduced a National Diabetes Plan to address this growing public health problem.  As part of this plan, diabetes advocates were invited to attend three “town hall meetings” held in Cincinnati, Little Rock, and Seattle.  _____ were used to make these meetings a success.

a.Special-use plans

b.Tactical plans

c.Operational plans

d.Strategic plans

e.Mission statements

64.The U.S. Secretary of Transportation unveiled a new plan to improve safety along the nation’s railroads during a visit to Columbia, S.C.  The _____ offers specific plans for preventing train accidents caused by human error and minimizing the dangers of crew fatigue.

a.special-use plan

b.tactical plan

c.operational plan

d.strategic plan

e.mission statement

65.__________ plans direct the behavior, efforts, and priorities of operative employees for periods ranging from 30 days to six months.






66.There are three kinds of __________ plans.  They are single-use plans, standing plans, and budgets.






67.What type of planning would be used to create the festivities necessary to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of a furniture manufacturer?

a.single-use plan

b.contingency plan

c.scenario plan

d.standing plan

e.role-model plan

68.In case of a fire, most organizations have a series of actions that must take place beginning with notifying the fire department and including evacuating buildings.  What kind of a standing plan is described in this example?

a.rules and regulations



d.organizational norms governances

69.__________ are types of standing plans.

a.Policies and procedures

b.Targeted plans

c.Long-term tactical strategies

d.MBO guidelines

e.Transformational plans

70.__________ are standing plans that indicate the specific steps that should be taken in response to a particular event.



c.Actionable plans

d.Options-based plans

e.Single-use plans



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