61.Unlike an executive information system, a decision support system (DSS)

Question : 61.Unlike an executive information system, a decision support system (DSS) : 1418657


61.Unlike an executive information system, a decision support system (DSS) ____.

a.speeds up and simplifies the acquisition of information

b.does not process data

c.helps managers understand problems and potential solutions by acquiring and analyzing information with sophisticated models

d.can be used to replace all managerial decision making

e.removes decision-making bottlenecks by creating a problem organization table

62.A decision support system (DSS) ____.

a.is broad in scope

b.speeds up and simplifies the acquisition of information

c.permits managers to retrieve all kinds of information

d.is designed to deal with all types of problems

e.allows managers to better understand a problem and its potential solutions

63.Just a teaspoon too much or too little of a single ingredient can turn a great cake into a mediocre cake. The ability to know just how much to add, how long to stir, and how the cake should smell when it is cooked is a skill that a long-time baker would have. Through the use of ____, others can capture this specialized knowledge.

a.electronic data interchanges

b.pragmatic portals

c.data mining

d.expert systems

e.executive information systems

64.A system that is designed to manage farm field irrigation and farming pest management decisions, based on 20 years of scientific research and data then advise farmers how much to irrigate and when to check soil temperatures is called a(n) _______.

a.electronic data interchange

b.pragmatic portal

c.data mining

d.expert system

e.executive information system

65.A(n) ____ is an information system that helps managers understand problems and potential solutions by acquiring and analyzing information with sophisticated models and tools.


b.executive information system

c.expert system

d.decision support system


66.Most ____ work by using a collection of "if-then" rules to sort through information and recommend a course of action.

a.expert systems

b.decision support systems

c.executive information systems

d.RAID systems

e.trend analyses

67.Refer to Jupiter Communications. An individual’s unprocessed response to a Kibu survey would be an example of ____.



c.raw data

d.mining statistics

e.personal statistics

68.Refer to Jupiter Communications. The developer of Kibu and his investors created the first company to offer both content and chat rooms aimed at girls between the ages of 13 and 18. They hoped this would give them a ____.

a.first-mover advantage

b.market aggregation

c.comparative promotional point

d.differential benefit

e.synergistic benefit

69.Refer to Jupiter Communications. The information Kibu.com collects would be stored in ____.

a.large mainframes

b.data warehouses

c.information mines

d.knowledge adjacencies

e.information processing servers

70.Refer to Jupiter Communications. Kibu.com collected survey information for itself and its sponsors and then looked for behavior patterns that could provide useful market information for its advertisers. Kibu was engaged in ____.

a.environmental scanning

b.prospect collecting

c.electronic scanning

d.data mining

e.prospect monitoring

71.Refer to Jupiter Communications. If a cosmetics manufacturer learned from analyzing the data that teenage girls who buy more than six bottles of nail polish monthly also like to dress up their pets to match their outfits, it would have used the survey results to identify a(n) ____ pattern. (The manufacturer could use this information to develop a line of pet nail polish.)






72.Refer to Jupiter Communications. Kibu.com would use firewalls to ____.

a.identify data patterns

b.protect its internal organizational network from hackers

c.offer security as one of its differential advantages

d.prevent anyone except girls between the ages of 13 and 18 from visiting the site

e.create chat rooms

73.Refer to City of London. The City of London located 688 cameras in 203 locations to take accurate pictures of vehicles entering its "Congestion Zone." Multiple pictures are taken of each car, and partial pictures of license plates are matched with complete pictures, with the former tossed and the latter retained. The cumulative store of all the photographs would be classified as ____. Once the pictures of individual cars were matched and the irrelevant photos tossed, ____ was created.

a.information; raw data

b.raw data; perceived knowledge

c.perceived knowledge; raw data

d.raw data; information

e.influential knowledge; perceived knowledge

74.Refer to City of London. What basic method of capturing information does the City of London use to identify and fine automobile drivers that enter the city's "Congestion Zone"?





e.private networks

75.Refer to City of London. What kind of technology is used to turn the license plate number captured by a photograph into readable text that actually matches license plate records already stored in government databases?

a.virtual private networks

b.SSL encryption

c.private encryption codes

d.optical character recognition software

e.RFID software



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