61.The capacity of an information channel influenced by all of

Question : 61.The capacity of an information channel influenced by all of : 1402283


61.The capacity of an information channel is influenced by all of these except:

a.the ability to establish a personal focus.

b.the ability to handle multiple cues simultaneously.

c.the ability to facilitate rapid, two-way feedback.

d.the ability to minimize costs.

e.both the ability to establish a personal focus and the ability to facilitate rapid, two-way feedback.

62.Which of these is the richest medium for communication?

a.Telephone conversations

b.Face-to-face contact

c.Electronic media

d.Written media

e.Voice mail

63.     does not focus on a single receiver, uses limited information cues, and does not permit feedback.


b.Telephone conversations

c.Video conference

d.Face-to-face contact

e.A personal memo

64.Which of the following comprises the lowest channel richness?

a.Electronic mail


c.Face-to-face talk



65.     refer(s) to typically ambiguous, concern novel events, and impose great potential for misunderstanding.

a.Nonroutine messages

b.Channel richness

c.Routine messages


e.Nonverbal communications

66.When informing your staff of the date for the company picnic, a     would be most practical and successful.



c.video conference

d.face-to-face contact

e.newspaper notice

67.Messages that convey data or statistics or simply put into words what managers already agree on and understand are referred to as:

a.non-routine messages.

b.routine messages.

c.instant messages.

d.grapevine messages.

e.qualitative messages.

68.The term     is defined as "an individual's level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication."

a.leadership trepidation

b.public consternation

c.anticipation nervousness

d.communication medium

e.communication apprehension

69.What percentage of a manager's time is spent in direct communication?

a.20 percent

b.100 percent

c.50 percent

d.80 percent

e.40 percent

70.An example of non-verbal communication is all of these except:


b.facial expression.


d.written memo.

e.body language



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