61.Perhaps the central symbol of membership in the American middle

Question : 61.Perhaps the central symbol of membership in the American middle : 1402690


61.Perhaps the central symbol of membership in the American middle class is:

a.a white collar job

b.graduation from high school

c.graduation from college

d.home ownership

62.Below the secure segment of the middle class is a larger stratum that is made up of

a.highly skilled but poorly educated individuals

b.less skilled, less educated individuals facing economic insecurity

c.less educated but economically secure group of individuals

d.increasingly more secure individuals

63.The social class that is undergoing the most rapid and difficult change in the United States today is the:

a.lower class

b.upper class

c.upper-middle class

d.working class

64.The class that is characterized by employment in skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled manual occupations is the:

a.lower class

b.lower-middle class

c.upper-middle class

d.working class

65.The most diverse class in racial and ethnic terms is the:

a.middle class

b.upper class

c.upper-middle class

d.working class

66.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the working class?

a.An increasing proportion of its members are joining labor unions.

b.It is undergoing a greater degree of social change than any other social class.

c.Its members are more likely to belong to labor unions than are members of other social classes.

d.Its members tend to be concentrated in skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled occupations.

67.The working class may be divided into two parts:

a.blue-collar and white-collar workers

b.industrial workers and skilled crafts workers

c.skilled crafts workers and industrial workers

d.white-collar workers and quasi-professionals

68.Compared with skilled workers, industrial workers are more likely to:

a.be aware of their class identity

b.feel financially secure

c.identify with the middle class

d.support the Republican party

69.Compared with industrial workers, skilled workers are more likely to:

a.abandon membership in unions

b.be conscious of their class membership

c.feel financially insecure

d.think of themselves as members of the middle class

70.John Pajak is an assembly-line worker at the Belchfire Motor Works in Detroit. All of the following are likely to be characteristic of John EXCEPT that he:

a.is a blue-collar worker

b.is a union member

c.is conscious of his working class status

d.feels financially secure



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