61.An artist has been a visiting instructor at a noted

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61.An artist has been a visiting instructor at a noted art academy for three years. The academy’s process for moving a temporary/visiting instructor to regular faculty status is to have the artist’s portfolio of work examined by a panel of noted artists who are not affiliated with the academy. This is a version of a/an

a.field review.

b.external audit.

c.body-of-work appraisal.

d.team appraisal.




62.“Multisource” rating, also called ____, recognizes that employee performance crosses departmental, organizational and, in some cases, global boundaries.

a.team appraisal

b.outside raters

c.peer evaluation

d.360? feedback




63.The 360? rating method appears to be less threatening to employees when it is used for ____ purposes.


b.customer relations






64.As director of HR, you have decided to implement a multisource rating system for employee performance. The employee population for which you will use this system numbers about 1,000, with an average of 15 employees in each work unit. Which of the following statements is likely to be TRUE?

a.You will need to implement this as a Web-based system.

b.This system will be most useful for making compensation decisions affecting employees.

c.There will be fewer problems with rater bias because individual biases “wash out” statistically when there are multiple raters.

d.Employees tend to rate co-workers more harshly than they rate themselves, so performance ratings will need to be adjusted for rating deflation.




65.Brownbrass, Inc., has instituted a multisource rating system. The results will be used for both developmental and administrative purposes, such as compensation and promotion decisions. As an HR consultant hired by the organization, you can predict that

a.there will be fewer legal issues with this system than with a supervisory rating system.

b.the employees will view the multisource ratings as more valid than if they were rated only by their supervisors.

c.there will be little variation in performance ratings across sources.

d.the performance ratings will be inflated.




66.Performance appraisal systems that combine information from team members and other employee “clients” to develop appraisals for individual employees are best used for ____ decisions.








67.At High Flyer Airlines, managers rate their subordinates on a continuum from 1 to 7. A score of 1 indicates unsatisfactory performance, and a score of 7 indicates superior performance. High Flyer uses a ____ as its performance appraisal method.

a.ranking system


c.multisource appraisal

d.graphic rating scale




68.Which of the following is characteristic of graphic rating scales?

a.Descriptive words used may have different meanings to different raters.

b.Graphic rating scales are difficult to develop.

c.Raters typically try to place the same number of employees at each level of scale.

d.Raters can use these scales without training because they are self-explanatory.




69.The simplest methods for appraising performance are the

a.behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS).

b.category scaling methods.

c.comparative methods.

d.written methods.




70.Phrases such as “Greeted customer within 10 seconds of customer’s entry into store,” and “Failed to greet customer until customer addressed employee,” would be typical of a ____ performance appraisal method.

a.forced distribution

b.a management by objectives

c.behaviorally-anchored rating scale






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