61.According to Ralf Dahrendorf, a frequent effect of modernization the

Question : 61.According to Ralf Dahrendorf, a frequent effect of modernization the : 1402850


61.According to Ralf Dahrendorf, a frequent effect of modernization on the lives of individuals is:

a.a feeling of anomie

b.a higher level of living

c.an unwillingness to face new experiences

d.decreased political participation

62.All of the following areas of social change have a measurable effect on the everyday life of individuals EXCEPT:

a.changing gender roles

b.public policy

c.race relations

d.space exploration

63.Since the end of the nineteenth century, the number of married women in the labor force has:

a.decreased dramatically

b.increased dramatically

c.increased slightly

d.remained the same

64.The percentage of women working outside the home for pay, who are married and have children, is equal to about:





65.One suggested consequence of modernization is movement toward a "symmetrical society." This means:

a.a higher average level of education

b.greater economic equality among all groups in society

c.greater equality between men and women

d.greater political equality

66.One of the results of the entry of married women into the paid labor force has been:

a.controversy over welfare job requirements for poor mothers of young children

b.equal sharing of family chores by men and women

c.equitable pay scales for men and women

d.increased leisure time for married women who work outside the home for pay

67.A major reason for the declining number of blacks and Hispanics in well-paid manufacturing and blue-collar jobs is:

a.discriminatory practices on the part of employers

b.the fact that such jobs are becoming less numerous

c.the high unemployment associated with an economy geared toward high technology

d.the refusal of labor unions to accept minority members

68.Which of the following statements about race and inequality in the United States is NOT true?

a.Minority group members have in recent decades gained greater access to education.

b.Racial discrimination still exists especially in the widespread mistreatment of black males.

c.Sports and entertainment are two arenas in which minority group members have made significant gains.

d.The problems of racial discrimination have been virtually eliminated.

69.Laws and administrative regulations that are formulated by government to control, regulate or guide behavior are called:

a.civic culture

b.judicial verdicts

c.public policy


70.The scenes captured by the nineteenth-century impressionists were indicative of:

a.social change.

b.social statics.

c.free love.




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