61) Which of the following the first generation of cellular

Question : 61) Which of the following the first generation of cellular : 1927959

61) Which of the following is the first generation of cellular systems suitable for wireless broadband Internet access?

A) 2G

B) 2.5G

C) 3G

D) 4G

62) A LAN would be used to connect all of the following except:

A) all of the computers in a large building.

B) all of the devices within a 10-meter area.

C) all of the computers in a city.

D) all of the computers in a small office.

63) The most appropriate wireless networking standard for creating PANs is:

A) I-mode.

B) IEEE 802.11b.

C) WiFi.

D) Bluetooth.

64) Bluetooth can be used to link up to ________ devices within a 10-meter area using low-power, radio-based communication.

A) four

B) six

C) eight

D) ten

65) Which process is used to protect transmitted data in a VPN?

A) Tunneling



D) Packet switching

66) One or more access points positioned on a ceiling, wall, or other strategic spot in a public place to provide maximum wireless coverage for a specific area are referred to as:

A) touch points.

B) hotspots.

C) hot points.

D) wireless hubs.

67) The 802.11 set of standards is known as:



C) Wi-Fi.

D) WiMax.

68) The WiMax standard can transmit up to a distance of approximately:

A) 30 meters.

B) 500 meters.

C) 30 miles.

D) 5 miles.

69) Passive RFID tags:

A) have their own power source.

B) have a range of several feet.

C) enable data to be rewritten and modified.

D) are used in automated toll-collection systems.

70) Based on your reading of the examples in the chapter, what would be the best use of RFID for a business?

A) Logging transactions

B) Managing the supply chain

C) Lowering network costs

D) Enabling client communication

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