61) To seek out middle- to senior-level professional and managerial

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61) To seek out middle- to senior-level professional and managerial employees, firms often retain:

61) ______

A) a talent scout.

B) a professional or trade association.

C) an employment agency.

D) an executive search firm.

E) a professional agency.


62) Which of the following statements about headhunters is true?

62) ______

A) They are used for jobs in the $30,000 plus pay range.

B) They are paid a fee by the job seeker.

C) Their code of ethics prohibits them from contacting individuals who are currently employed.

D) The percentage of positions filled by such firms is generally quite large.

E) They often specialize in a particular type of talent.


63) Advantages associated with the use of headhunters include all of the following EXCEPT:

63) ______

A) their skill in reaching individuals who are employed.

B) their skill in reaching individuals who are not actively looking to change jobs.

C) their wide number of business contacts.

D) their skill in recruiting employees of all levels.

E) they typically know the marketplace.


64) A potential pitfall to using Executive Search Firms includes all of the following EXCEPT:

64) ______

A) the time that must be spent explaining in detail the type of candidate required.

B) they can be more interested in persuading the employer to hire any candidate.

C) they tend to be more salespeople than they are professionals.

D) they tend to focus only on persons currently looking for new positions.

E) they may present unpromising candidates to a client.


65) To achieve optimum results from an advertisement, the four-point guide known as AIDA should be used. This stands for:

65) ______

A) attention, illumination, development, assessment.

B) attention, interest, desire, action.

C) approach, introspection, desire, activity.

D) alert, interest, desire, appraisal.

E) attention, interest, development, action.


66) You are a recruiter with a software development firm and are seeking to fill positions requiring specific computer programming knowledge and work experience. Which of the following recruitment sources or methods would be particularly useful to you?

66) ______

A) newspaper advertising

B) a labour organization

C) write-ins

D) professional and trade associations

E) educational institutions


67) The types of positions commonly filled through union hiring halls include all of the following EXCEPT:

67) ______

A) carpenters.

B) security guards.

C) plumbers.

D) pipe fitters.

E) welders.


68) The CFLC is responsible for:

68) ______

A) promoting the hiring of reservists by civilian employers.

B) requiring civilian employers to give reservists time off for training.

C) allowing employers to interview for personnel at more than 300 military units.

D) conducting reserve force training that develops military skills.

E) developing a database of job postings for skilled personnel at no charge.


69) Open houses are:

69) ______

A) not used today.

B) the choice when there are many jobs for candidates.

C) common in government organizations.

D) none of the above

E) the most popular recruitment method.


70) Job fair events would not allow:

70) ______

A) recruiters to share job opportunities in an informal, relaxed setting.

B) top prospects to be invited to visit the firm at a later date.

C) in-depth assessment of candidates.

D) computer technology can be used; some job fairs are held on-line.

E) recruiters to share information about the organization.



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